The most universal form of play between adult and infant. Peekaboo is like a dialogue or proto- conversation its powerful factor in child development. It teaches the rhythm of back and forth in conversation. Also understanding of early physics that objects don’t disappear just because they don’t see them. Just like our pain and our feeling when we grow. As the child grow he cover his face to play with others no to make himself disappear but trying to make people around him disappear or go away. How many time we need that blanket as we grow up and we wish to hide behind this blanket to make many people vanish from our lives. As well children play it for reassurance that even if the person disappear he is sure that when he pull out the blanket, the loved ones will always be there. Just as we hide from pain and sorrow we always look for the people who will be there for us when we look back.

As the child grow older and the play is developed into a hide and seek game. A play that offers risk taking opportunity to choose a hiding spot not be discovered the element of danger in a safe environment. Scary safe develop or boost coping skill.  The coping skill we seek in adult hood but its not scary safe anymore .It’s the true life.

Material: mixed media, collage, gesso, acrylic and magic markers.
Size: 137cmx77cm/100cmx157cm.