Hi there, my name is Meerna Gharib,
and I am a Painter


Meerna Gharib is a contemporary illustrator. She employs a wide range of materials such as wires, found objects, paper cuts, Plexi, and coloured paper, as well as different mediums such as acrylics, oil pastels, gouache and watercolour.
Her most important target when holding a brush is letting the viewer draw their own conclusions about what’s going on in the artwork. It’s letting them see, reflect and transform the piece.

To this end, Ghareeb uses imaginative composition, vibrant colours, and unusual surfaces and materials. She is known for her bold colours, thick strokes and defined lines, applied with confidence.
Gharib graduated from the Lebanese American University with Bachelor degrees in Interior Architecture, Fine Art in addition to a Teaching Diploma in the arts. She has travelled around the world and works on freelance basis with a great team. S
Ghareeb taught art and interior architecture at many institutions, colleges and universities.She found teaching to be inspirational

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery

Mark Doren

This discovery is an exchange of positive act between the instructor and the student.

Ghareeb participated in various college exhibitions as well as many public exhibitions since 1997. Due to hardship and psychological and medical issues I went through, that all made me stop painting for a while. But the power of art always embrace us to get u back to it, the continuous conversation between you and the canvas and what you by default reflect to the viewer draw you back to hold the brush and reflect your voice through your canvas .

Ghareeb lives with her family which includes two children, a boy and a girl. She paints and thrives in the city of Beirut, one of the most active and dynamic cities in the world.

“The Connection”
Material: on paper acrylic and felt pens.
Size: 40cmx55cm/28cmx40cm.

“Faces of Self”
Material: on canvas, acrylics and multiple stitching with different threading.
Size: 45cmx60cm/35cmx50cm.

“Haret el Masihiyeh”
Material: water colour and magic markers.
Size: 40cmx45cm /30cmx35cm.

Have the Bug
Material: on paper, collage, stitching with multiple threads, gauche and felt pens.
Size: 42cmx45cm/32cmx28cm.

Material: oil pastel, acrylic and coloured markers.
Size: 40cmx45cm/36cm50cm.

Rasha My Friend
Material: on canvas, acrylic medium.
Size: 80cmx100cm/50cmx70cm.

Be You
Material: on canvas, and acrylic.
Size: 50cmx90cm /40cmx80cm.

Material: mixed media, collage, gesso, acrylic and magic markers.
Size: 137cmx77cm/100cmx157cm.

Material: oil pastel.
Size: 70cmx100cm.

“The Time Watcher”
Material: on canvas, gesso, ceramic and tiles.
Size: 137cmx77cm/100cmx157cm.

“Man and Women in Parallel”
Material: on cotton paper, mixed media, Pape Mache with glossy paper, and acrylics.
Size: 96cmx96cm/120cmx120cm.

“Girl Gossip”
Material: oil pastel and acrylic.
Size: 50cmx70cm/40cmx60cm.