• “The Connection’’

    A relationship which a person or things is linked or associated with something. Relationship with successful networking creating volumes that are connected in fine lines like life and relations and feelings that hold everything together.
    Acrylic and felt pens and markers.

    Material: on paper acrylic and felt pens.
    Size: 40cmx55cm/28cmx40cm.

  • “Faces of Self’’

    People are complicated. Much of what we are is hidden beneath the surface, as we interact with different layers of ourselves. We have many faces as we reveal each one, we will add dimension to our character and help the reader connect with us more.

    On canvas, stitching with multiple threads, acrylics and felt pen.

    ‘The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face you show to your close friends and family. The third face, you never show to anyone. Its truest reflection of who u are.’’

    ‘’I say you have many more faces ‘’.

    Material: on canvas, acrylics and multiple stitching with different threading.
    Size: 45cmx60cm/35cmx50cm.

  • “Haret el Masihiyeh”

    A sort of urban wonderland ,the Hara is a small agglomeration of narrow streets with rustic buildings and hidden courtyards and the most welcoming people you will come across ,just like good all days to date.

    Material: water colour and magic markers.
    Size: 40cmx45cm /30cmx35cm.

  • “Have the Bug”

    My love for idioms. A strong enthusiasm for something. Also have built it, to work on it, imagine it. But never lose this enthusiasm in life. Always find a reason to live for. Always one should have a million reason to live for besides the bugs. .

    Paint over glossy paper with gauche and water colour and felt pens, a lot of stitch over in multiple threads is used, creating beautiful textures to the surface.

    Material: on paper, collage, stitching with multiple threads, gauche and felt pens.
    Size: 42cmx45cm/32cmx28cm.

  • “Gemmayzeh”

    One of the most popular street of Beirut. Enchanting area to stroll and to have coffee and to enjoy a beautiful evening entertainment. It is rich with its authentic traditional houses with Mediterranean facades. After the third biggest explosion in the world this house is not the same and the Gemmayzeh may never recover from the blast that hit Lebanon s capital. Many homes and many lives were lost.

    Material: oil pastel, acrylic and coloured markers.
    Size: 40cmx45cm/36cm50cm.

  • “Rasha My Friend”

    Portrait paintings:

    The purpose is to reflect the likeness personality, even the mood of the person you are drawing .It reveals the essence what an artist is seeing in front of him. A strong portrait captivate the viewers, it should draws you into the painting, and engage you with all your senses. Making you wonder about the person depicted.

    Reflecting my friend with a portrait is the most challenging thing to do. To reflect her multiple strong character as well as her depth and engulfment, playful and most attractive personality.

    The mix illustration and calligraphy added a lot to this piece of work.

    Material: on canvas, acrylic medium.
    Size: 80cmx100cm/50cmx70cm.

  • “Be You”

    Mirroring yourself is the most challenging thing to do. That’s what I tried to do in this portrait, to mirror the soul essence of the individual portrayed. Addition of calligraphy emphasized the idiom of “Be You” in Arabic letters.

    Material: on canvas, and acrylic.
    Size: 50cmx90cm /40cmx80cm.

  • “THE MAZE’’

    Inspired from the maze gardens. Mazes have stimulated imagination and have figured in myth and legend throughout history. The maze offers adventurous experience for young and old alike. Trying to find your way through living experience. Every adventure is different. If you would rather watch from above you would have a bird’s eye view and you will see a beautiful piece of art work. Just like our life when u look into our worlds globe you will have spectacular view, as you zoom in you will discover the different experiences and kinships the people are suffering and paths they are trying to reach their targets weather they do or not.

    Material: oil pastel.
    Size: 70cmx100cm.

  • “Peekaboo’’

    The most universal form of play between adult and infant. Peekaboo is like a dialogue or proto- conversation its powerful factor in child development. It teaches the rhythm of back and forth in conversation. Also understanding of early physics that objects don’t disappear just because they don’t see them. Just like our pain and our feeling when we grow. As the child grow he cover his face to play with others no to make himself disappear but trying to make people around him disappear or go away. How many time we need that blanket as we grow up and we wish to hide behind this blanket to make many people vanish from our lives. As well children play it for reassurance that even if the person disappear he is sure that when he pull out the blanket, the loved ones will always be there. Just as we hide from pain and sorrow we always look for the people who will be there for us when we look back.

    As the child grow older and the play is developed into a hide and seek game. A play that offers risk taking opportunity to choose a hiding spot not be discovered the element of danger in a safe environment. Scary safe develop or boost coping skill.  The coping skill we seek in adult hood but its not scary safe anymore .It’s the true life.

    Material: mixed media, collage, gesso, acrylic and magic markers.
    Size: 137cmx77cm/100cmx157cm.

  • “The Time Watcher’’

    Inspired from the book “The Time Watcher”, a boy who has a spirit different from the rest. The story about a young man who risk everything to save his family and tribe. In this painting, multimedia is used from gesso, to ceramic tiles, with geometric composition shapes to emphasis the diversity movement of emotion that are found in families and communities. “Time is important once lost never will come back.”

    Material: on canvas, gesso, ceramic and tiles.
    Size: 137cmx77cm/100cmx157cm.

  • “Man and Women in Parallel’’

    Women and man embrace in a chaotic relationship since the beginning of life time. Each women and man shows how the families which we pass let one person’s experience belong to that of many ,so that we throw light on each other as if these kinships were refracted lives so real as to be reincarnated . It’s a mirrored manner to the lives we live. Power is an intriguing, multifaceted concept. In relationship its endless completion for power. Between women and man. In a relationship.

    Eccentric expression movements with bold lines to high light form and colour that is depicted.

    Material: on cotton paper, mixed media, Pape Mache with glossy paper, and acrylics.
    Size: 96cmx96cm/120cmx120cm.

  • “Girl Gossip’’

    ‘’Spreading a rumour “especially about the personal or private affairs of others. Girls who sometime don’t feel good about themselves have the need to gossip over each other it gives them a temporarily satisfaction over themselves. Sometime it could be a positive gossip and most of the time it is negative, people also gossip because they can generate interesting discussions based on knowledge or ideas, gossip can arouse people’s interest.

    Material: oil pastel and acrylic.
    Size: 50cmx70cm/40cmx60cm.